NFL Pick: Buffalo Bills vs. Baltimore Ravens Predictions Week 4

Ravens was indeed from his right side as they dominated the Texans last weekend. Can not really say the same thing about Bill. This match will be played in Buffalo and it can probably even the odds a bit. But it is not a long trip from Baltimore and the question is how easy it will be for EJ Manuel and his young teammates to score on the Ravens. Bills star CJ Spiller going to start but drawn with little damage. It still leans towards this could be a defensive struggle without much point.

Buffalo Bills vs. Baltimore Ravens  game venue at Ralph Wilson Stadium, Orchard Park, New York, and kick off at :00 PM (ET) Sunday.

Buffalo Bills vs. Baltimore Ravens Predictions: The defensive line of the Bills, with Dareus and two Williams, should be able to win the brawl on the line and Flacco has famously not very many receivers to throw to. Baltimore, after her performance last Sunday, is considered to be the favorites but if the Bills can continue to keep the number of turnovers they can hang on to the end. Then, anything can happen.

NFL Pick: Baltimore Ravens To win

Buffalo Bills vs. Baltimore Ravens Head to Head:

2010-10-24 12:00   Baltimore Ravens   37-34   Buffalo Bills   NFL
2007-10-21 12:00   Buffalo Bills   19-14   Baltimore Ravens   NFL
2006-12-31 15:15   Baltimore Ravens   19-7   Buffalo Bills   NFL
2004-10-24 12:00   Baltimore Ravens   20-6   Buffalo Bills   NFL